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There are several reasons why we changed the PING Guide from a print book to an online-only publication, including requests from junior players, parents and junior golf organizations.

Information is more readily available and processed faster in the 21st Century thanks to the internet. By going online with the PING Guide, we are able to give our subscribers more information than in a printed book (such as the letters from college coaches written to junior players and parents). There are no page-count limitations on the web.

And by having our publication online, we can update frequently instead of once a year. We receive calls from coaches or schools every week with new information. It might be a telephone number or email address change maybe hiring a new coach or sometimes a school with a new golf team.

With our new online programs, we can make those changes and additions immediately. In the old days of the printed PING Guide, we would tell the coach or school that would make their requested changes next year when we went to print.

We have a great website engineer, and he spent hundreds of hours making these programs parent-friendly and easy to navigate so both parents and students can find wanted information.

The following comment from a Texas subscriber is only one of many similar comments about our change to online.

I love your website. Its better than the book, and its very user-friendly.

The new Interactive Score Conversion (ISC) program is a favorite of college coaches because it puts reality in the difference between junior tournament scores and college tournament scores and helps young players determine where they fit into the college game.

We released the first online PING Guide + Golfstat Prep Report program in 2004. In 2005 we added the Expanded PING Guide/Golfstat program.

With the Expanded Program we essentially changed the PING Guide from what was a 375-page book into a more-than 10,000-page website with several new interactive programs to provide more useful information and tournament scores for all 4–year and most 2–year college teams.

The new Expanded Program rapidly became so popular that by 2006, it passed the original Basic Program (PING Guide + Golfstat Prep Report) in new subscriptions per month.

Check out the examples on this website to see which program is the best fit for you!

Dean Frischknecht, Author
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