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"Your PING Guide was invaluable to us. We used the print book for my son to get a scholarship to an NCAA Division II school, and then we used the online version for my daughter who just signed her letter of intent with an NCAA Division I school.

See you in about six years when my 10-year old golfer is ready."


Dean Frischknecht’s PING American College Golf Guide is an invaluable resource tool that all junior golf families need to actively use throughout the college placement process. For over 15 years, this publication/website has been the most comprehensive and current listing of college golf information available to prospects, their parents and others in the business of helping people target and identify the right college fits.

As a former college golf coach, I am certain that junior golfers (and their families) will benefit tremendously from using the PING American College Golf Guide to help them with their research before they contact coaches or visit campuses.

Dean is a tremendous professional, has favorable working relationships with hundreds of college coaches, and has dedicated himself to helping people successfully navigate the complex and unpredictable college placement process. I will continue to subscribe to Dean’s website on an annual basis. It is the best investment I make each year!

--John Brooks
President and Founder, Red Numbers Golf
Former Head Golf Coach, University of North Florida

"Information is the key to any great decision, and the PING Guide has it! It helps you and your parents manage the questions and thoughts in the recruiting and college selection process."

--John Fields
Men's Golf Coach
University of Texas

The "PING American College Golf Guide" is a MUST HAVE for all junior golfers and parents interested in learning more about college golf. No matter what level of college golf you are interested in, Dean Frischknecht’s PING Guide website will help you get educated on the various levels (DI, DII, DIII, NAIA and JC) of colleges and help you better understand the academic and golfing criteria that each individual school requires. It is the most detailed resource for information on every college golf program that exists.

As a former college golf coach, I know the process of educating yourself on college golf can be overwhelming, however the PING Guide will provide you the necessary tools to navigate the college placement process in the most efficient manner.

I am grateful for Dean’s continued commitment to offer the most detailed and up-to-date information on college golf. I am on the Expanded PING Guide/Golfstat website daily and will continue to encourage all families interested in college golf to make the PING Guide a big part of their college placement process. Thank you Dean!

--Ted Gleason
Road to College Golf - Mentorship and Counsel
Former Head Golf Coach, Southern Methodist University and University of Southern California

Dean, thanks for putting together the total website for any golfer looking to play college golf.

As an instructor and former PGA Tour player, I know the information you have on your site is worth hundreds of dollars. No parent could find this information on their own.

Congratulations on helping thousands of high school golfers find a college. Keep up the great work!

--John Hamarik
PGA Tour Player 1983-1985

As a junior golfer, I used the PING Guide book in my college search. Now the online PING Guide is better. I think every junior player should be required to use the PING Guide/Golfstat "Interactive Score Conversion" to evaluate their game before contacting college coaches.

--Dave Pezzino
Men’s Golf Coach
University of Connecticut

The online Ping College Guide has saved us hunderds of hours in our search for a college golf team and academic institution that equates to our son’s abilities both on the golf course and in the classroom.


We used the printed PING Guide to help my son get a scholarship to a Division I school in the States.

When it came to time to get another PING Guide for my daughter, I was disappointed to learn it was not in book form any longer.

We subscribed to the online program and now like it much better than the book.


"I love your website. It’s better than the book. And it’s very user-friendly."


"One of the most valuable resources for college golf is the American College Golf Guide. It was helpful when our family began researching the college scholarship offers Tiger received during his senior year of high school."

--Earl Woods
from "Training a Tiger"

"My daughter is in high school, and I have read this guide totally. It is great! There is more information than in the general college books. Thanks!"


"The ’PING American College Golf Guide’ is unquestionably the best source of information available to the serious golfer faced with a difficult choice."

--Buddy Alexander
Hall of Fame Coach, Retired
University of Florida

"I am a parent who is not very experienced using computers. You helped me sign up for your online program and showed me how to use it.

It was very easy!

When my son came home from school, I got to show him something new for a change!"


"The 'PING American College Golf Guide' will help you to find the college or university that is right for you."

--Larry Penley
Men's Golf Coach
Clemson University

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