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Dear Readers,

One of the advantages of going online with the PING Guide is being able to include special features for juniors and parents. In old (1989 - 2003) printed editions of the Guide, I was limited to asking one coach per year to write a 275-word Foreword that would fit on one page. This year I have asked coaches from various competitive levels to write about college and golf from their perspective.

Subscribers to the online PING Guide will be able to read all of the coach messages in their entirety; however, I thought I would include excerpts from of some of the messages here to demonstrate one of the advantages of online publishing. Select "Coach's Letters" from the top menu to read a few sentences from different coaches. Hopefully, the words of wisdom and experience will inspire juniors and parents to consider a variety of institutions and levels of competition.


Dean W. Frischknecht, Author
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