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Endorsed by college coaches

ISC scoring and your ISC profile are totally private to you - both in these examples and with your PING Guide subscription program. No one can see it but you! This program will show you where your scores fit with every college golf team.

See your juniorgolf scores converted to college scores with the click of your mouse!

This ISC program uses two factors to adjust junior golfers scores to show where they fit into actual college tournaments.

  1. Yardage differential between the juniors tournament yardage average and any selected college tournament.
  2. *Course difficulty calculated for each round of the selected college tournament using Golfstat Adjusted Scoring.
(*Golfstat compares the tournament fields scoring average for each round to the fields season-scoring average. This Golfstat system has been tested for years and has been used by the NCAA since the 1990s in rankings and as a factor in selection for post-season play.)
Why is this score comparison important to junior players and parents?

Interactive Score Conversion (ISC) shows junior players how their scores, adjusted for the difficulty of each round and golf course, compare to college players and teams at various levels of competition.

Juniors who play tournaments at longer yardage will notice less change or adjustment in their converted scores while using this program than juniors who compete on shorter courses. With the exception of a few talented players, freshmen will see their scores go up in the transition to the college game.

The Expanded PING Guide/Golfstat Program includes scores from every 4–year college tournament and most 2–year tournaments from the previous season, plus the current season tournaments added as played, so juniors can use ISC to see where they would fit in several events played by any school in the country.
ISC requires both the online PING Guide and the Golfstat Prep Report

Interactive Score Conversion was created by Golfstat and the PING Guide, and players must subscribe to both the Golfstat Prep Report and the online PING Guide to use the program (The Expanded PING Guide includes all programs including the Interactive Score Conversion, the Basic PING Guide, the Golfstat Prep Report and more).

The computer instantly makes the calculations, and a junior players adjusted scores are highlighted in the selected tournament results and displayed on the computer screen. These results are not seen by anyone else, including college coaches. However, some coaches use this same ISC program on their own computers to compare/convert scores from juniors that cross their desks via resumes, media or other sources.

For more information about Golfstat Adjusted Scoring and Interactive Score Conversion, see the menus at the top that include some history and technical details for inquisitive minds.

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