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For several years Golfstat has provided the college tournament scoring software for NCAA and NAIA schools. The host schools then report the scores to Golfstat (www.Golfstat.com) who keeps a computer database record of all college events including player-scoring averages. Golfstat also currently does live scoring for many college tournaments during the year.

Mark Laesch created his original Golfstat scoring program in 1989 As he was looking at scores during a 1995 men’s college tournament being played in Hawaii, he noticed some interesting statistics. Several of the nation’s top teams were playing, and the field was so strong that the average score for the players in the field was about 73. On the first day the winds were over 40 miles per hour and the average score was 85. On the second day the average score under normal weather conditions was around 73.

It occurred to Mark that he could use the actual scores from a round of any tournament and compare the number of strokes the field shot over or under their average score for the year. This would help establish an adjusted course difficulty for each tournament round, and the idea for Golfstat Adjusted Scoring and Adjusted Ratings were in the works for college golf.

(A junior golfer trying to guess where he might place in that Hawaii tournament in the first round would add 12 shots to his scoring average to help determine his “adjusted score” for the first day. The course rating and slope on the scorecard did not change even though the course difficulty or “conditions” changed by 12 strokes.)

Golfstat Adjusted Rating and Adjusted Scoring were in a “testing and discussion” mode for more than a year before the NCAA started using the Golfstat Adjustment program as a reliable indicator of scoring average. Surprisingly, very few minor modifications have been made to the first model, and even after years of testing and scrutiny, Golfstat Adjusted Ratings and Scoring have preformed flawlessly based upon the knowledge that no system is perfect.

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