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College Life

"This is an awsome program!

It is very helpful to kids to see how their game compares for college golf."

--NCAA Division I Coach

"This is great and very helpful to prospects – a much more realistic approach."

--NCAA Division I Coach

"I can’t think of a better tool than the ’Interactive Score Conversion’ that is available on this website. It is ideal for a junior golfer to plug in his/her scores and be able to see how they would finish in actual college tournaments including conference and national championships."

--NCAA Division I Coach

"I want to applaud your online college guide. My daughter and I have found it to be invaluable in her college search.

The score conversion feature is especially wonderful!"

--MS, Mass.

"It is very nice for all parties involved to be able to compare apples to apples."

--NCAA Division I Coach

"College golf has changed since I played. My daughter was averaging in the 70’s in high school and is now shooting in the 80’s and not in the lineup on her college team.

The coach told us her scores would go up, but we did not understand by how much. The college golf courses are tougher now, and so is the competition."

--Mom and LPGA Teaching Professional

"Great program! For girls I generally add one shot for each 100 yards until 6000 yards to get their "college" score. (i.e. shoots 74 on 5500 yard golf course = 79 on "college" course. Added five strokes for additional 500 yards).

This is GREAT!!!! It will give kids and parents a better sense of reality."

--NCAA Division I Coach

"I like what you are doing in conjunction with Golfstat. We coaches already modify scores, but now the recruits will have a better understanding of how they will realistically contribute."

--NCAA Division I Coach

"I am glad that you are doing more things online. I really think this will help the kids find a program that fit’s their needs and ability."

--NJCAA Coach

"This is an awesome program! Parents think we are crazy when we say that their kids’ scores will go up, but it is true!"

--NCAA Division I Coach

"Wow! I like this program!!! I think it will help all the coaches.

Kids will see their scores are a little higher on some of the tougher college golf courses"

--NCAA Division I Coach

Every junior player should be required to use the PING Guide Interactive Score Conversion program before contacting coaches. It would help them determine where their game fits in college golf.

--NCAA Division I Coach

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