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The new online edition of the PING Guide contains the same valuable information as the old printed editions (1989 - 2003), and more, on every 4-year and 2-year mens and womens intercollegiate golf program in the U.S. including: College Life

  • coaches names, addresses, phone numbers and scholarship availability
  • email and fax numbers for more than 1,200 coaches
  • NCAA, NAIA and Junior/Community College rules on eligibility, testing, letters of intent recruiting and detailed information on the NCAA Eligibility Center
  • Campus visits and phone calls the rules and important questions to ask
  • link with Golfstat to include option for PING Guide-Golfstat Interactive Score Conversion of junior scores to college tournament scores
  • letters to junior golfers and parents from college coaches at all levels of competition regarding schools, education, playing opportunities and scholarships/financial aid
  • SAT/ACT average scores for recent freshman classes at most 4-year schools (a few schools dont release that information)
  • learn about the SAT and ACT, the differences in the tests and why consider taking both
  • calendar and step-by-step procedure of what to do from your freshman through senior year of high school
  • sample resumes and letters to get yourself noticed by college coaches
  • rating chart to help in comparing prospective colleges
  • EXPANDED PING GUIDE includes complete team and individual scores for over 2000 college tournaments updated daily during the season (see your adjusted scores placed in the tournament results on your computer screen with Interactive Score Conversion)
  • STANDARD PING GUIDE includes complete scores from more than 200 college conference, regional & national championship tournaments via link with Golfstat (see your adjusted scores placed in the tournament results on your computer screen with Interactive Score Conversion)
  • information on junior tours, rankings and important websites
  • detailed information and requirements for international students
  • information on Professional Golf Management programs/degrees
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The PING American College Golf Guide was written and first published in 1989 by
Dean W. Frischknecht.

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